Saturday, May 31, 2008

An amalgamation of posts from my soon to be deleted MySpace page

Leaving the Republican Party - May 26, 2008
I am against the Iraq War, free trade, the United Nations, and any other
foreign interventionism. I am not isolationist, simply

I want NO intervention into capitalism. Government price controls and
excessive taxation need to die quickly. We shouldn't even THINK about
universal health care. Welfare and social security should cease
immediately. I believe strongly in economic nationalism and that we
shouldn't give foreign aid to ANY country. I also know that the reason
behind environmentalism is the destruction of capitalism and that it should
be stopped immediately.

I want a total ban ..ion. I want absolutely no mention of gay
marriage at the federal level because it's a decision that belongs to the
states and we should NOT EVER have an amendment at the federal level for

I believe only in a government that protects life, liberty, and property,
one that does not keep printing money to save banks and destroy the dollar,
one that does not continue to expand when its citizens clamor for its
scale-back, one that does not drop in unwanted on phone conversations, and
one that does not continue tracking people like a shepherd tracks his

The Democratic Party is far worse than the Republican Party, but it's the
lesser of two evils. But I don't want evil, I want GOOD, and if you don't give me what I want, I WILL go away, and I have declared I am leaving my party that promotes
liberals like McCain, Romney, and Giuliani, all of whom will do NOTHING
conservative. We might as well call it the Democratic Party that fools
hardworking, moral conservatives into thinking it's conservative when in
fact it's been taken over by neo-conservatives who are rooted in a movement
that is in fact aiming to implement communism.

So fuck you, GOP. Way to stand up for my REAL conservative beliefs.

This is what happens when a conservative acts like a whiny liberal. - May 13, 2008
If I were President, the most likely scenario regarding the cultural awareness months we have would be that they would no longer exist. No months for black history, women's history, Irish history, etc. etc.

And the liberals would be mad at me. But they would also be mad at me if I did the alternative. So this is what you get when a conservative acts like a liberal:

So women have a month all their own? Then men get a month all their own. Women (read: Feminazis) are holding the man DOWN, man! (lol) And then there should be a European history month to counter the rest. My Native American blood and African blood both have months to their own, so you should have them ALL, or have none. Besides, when i was in school, I never learned about the good things men or people of European blood did for this country. I learned about what Hispanics, Arabs, African-Americans, women, and European minorities did for this country. I rarely ever heard the things men have done in this country, now that the communists and the feminists control the textbooks, and I almost never heard good things about white people. The European-blooded people in school never even dared bring up "white history" in school without being labeled racist. Sad isn't it?

Heck, let's go ALL out. There is a day of silence for gay rights. But what about the straight people? I have been harassed by a homosexual. I respect them, I have no real problem with them (only what they do), yet someone still decided to harass me because I am straight. So we should get our OWN day of silence. And we Christians should start our OWN ACLU - the American Christian Liberties Union. If the real ACLU won't defend the Christian majority's rights to having the Ten Commandments in public places, then we should.

And there's the environmentalist movement. They hate capitalism. So why don't we have an ANTI-environmentalist movement? We can say that we care about the environment but don't want it to have anything to do with damaging capitalism, a thought that gives members of the Sierra Club and Greenpeace wet dreams.

If you can come up with anything I've left out, let me know by commenting this blog or posting a comment.

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